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Bristol City v Preston North End Match Day 17

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2 minutes ago, BCFC Grim said:

Had to miss today, hasn't bothered me at all. That team is pathetic. There is absolutely no creativity or pace in that team. Why the **** are we worrying every week about the opposition rather than focussing on us. Worrying about 21st Preston? You couldn't make it up.

I saw someone describe Johnson has average further up. I wish he were that good. ******* clueless. 



Exactly, worried about the opposition far to much and tries to outsmart them. Rarely works and he has to end up changing things when sometimes we look half decent and give the other team problems which is too late against good teams who can soak up the pressure 

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Sadly BCTV started to work for the final 20 minutes and I am assuming that those pathetically shite 20 minutes were wholly representative of the whole 45 minutes.

So here goes, I think I can safely say that if we are looking for the worst player on the field the 11 players in red and white would be the fist choices, absolutely shocking, clueless, aimless, leader less, I have no idea exactly what the tactics are, but long hoofs seem to be the main tactic.

Just to pick out a few superstars of crap, Wiemann who has developed the touch of Woger from the life of Brian, Diedhiou who has spent his usual amount of time on his arse or taking up piss poor positions, Pack yet another shocking performance.


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12 minutes ago, Gillies Downs Leeds said:

No not at all, I am saying that he has gone away from what he believes in.

Thanks for the clarification, but it still seems to me like you want it both ways.

As a start the "Johnson only uses 442" is a myth (Not saying you are saying this, but explaining my thoughts). A good chunk of last season we went 4141, Fulham away we did 460, but more than that we are fluid in  formation during games, there will be a shape we line up in at the start and for goalkicks, which is generally 442, but during phases of play it regularly changes.

1 minute ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

You said in a previous post on this thread that Baker hasn’t had a single injury since joining us and you included a link from the Transfermkt website to back up your claim...

I used Transfermarkt as a reference and stated they are fairly reliable but not 100% accurate...

If he had been inundated with injuries with us, there would have been at least some recorded on there. I have even mentioned multiple times that I recall seeing Baker go off with an issue.

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13 minutes ago, RedDave said:

Not going to get into a protracted argument about an injury record. I trust my memory that he has missed a fair few games since he joined

Well off the top of my head I can remember Baker missing two consecutive games last season through injury - Sheffield Weds at home and PNE away - then he cane back for the Burton away game and struggled again...

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17 minutes ago, pl00peh91 said:

I've never been less enthused to go to Bristol City in my life than I am watching these bland amateurs. About as much personality as beige wallpaper

The Stoke game was actually very entertaining despite the disappointing result

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8 minutes ago, JoeAman08 said:

Feel for Weimann and Hunt. Hunt isolated on the right and no options. Weimann might as well be playing where Pack is. The only one trying to get on the ball. Has Walsh too far forward. Getting crosses into Fam but no one else a threat. Push Pack and Brownhill forward if you want to do that. Fam trying but not coming off. Just been absolute rubbish from them. Really disappointed in Pack and Brownhill today. Worst by a large margin imo. 

To be fair to everyone they look lost. Like this formation was told to them an hour before kickoff. Idk how we change this today. Preston much more energy and actually have pace on the pitch. Everyone seen this coming though. This is going to be a long international break

Exactly but I fear that WAS the game plan.... Hunt receives it out wide then delivers a cross to Diedhiou, if your going 5 at the back and essentially having wing backs surely you'd use that to try and create an overload on the wings and use runners to support them on the sides and get in behind them? Instead we try to cross from way outside the penalty box , in front of them, having their defenders facing away from goal, might as well give the Preston defenders some sunbeds and make it really comfortable for them.

Need a big turn around this half! Lets hope it happens.

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13 minutes ago, Chris_Brown said:

I did say they are 100% accurate and wasn't claiming he was never injured.

I was making a point of how OTT the post I initially responded to was. Saying it was "very likely" Baker would be injured or sent off.

Edited by JamesBCFC
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