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Basement Rovers Dustbin Thread


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49 minutes ago, Simon bristol said:

This is all very good fun, but with our squad for next year after being asset stripped i don’t expect to see us to be doing much better than that lot have done this year.

What are you on about mate? We haven’t got any assets to strip!!!!!!!

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With my IPTV I get access to almost every game,I've watched on lap top a couple of their games, when we're not playing 😁 ,parts of or almost full, and they have been terrible. The Hanlon sitter that he missed tonight  was typical. They get a chance or two but don't know how to take it. Rodman looked about their only 1/5th 😉, decent player that I've seen. What a time to be a city fan. Mind the gap. 


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1 hour ago, steviestevieneville said:

11 packets of chewing tobacco on the training ground floor 😂😂😂

“Some claim it can provide performance-enhancing benefits and relieve anxiety, but there is no concrete scientific proof.”

I think the Gash are evidence that it does nothing of the sort. 🤣🤣🤣

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Babe, you're getting closer
The lights are goin' dim
The sound of your breathin'
Has made the mood I'm in
All of my resistance
Is lying on the floor
Taking me to places
I've never been before

Ooh, and I can feel it,
Feel it, feel it, feel it

Way down where the music plays
Way down like a tidal wave
Way down where the fires blaze
Way down, down, way, way on down


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7 hours ago, steviestevieneville said:

11 packets of chewing tobacco on the training ground floor 😂😂😂

Maybe Wally is looking to rename them the Skol Bandits*.

*I'm sure that was the name of the chewing tobacco That's Life focused on back in the 1980s and succeeded in getting banned.

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On 12/08/2020 at 17:45, Purple Paul said:

Can't believe any City fan could take the piss at the moment with whats gone on over the last 5 weeks.

It’s allowed now though, right?


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27 minutes ago, Peter O Hanraha-hanrahan said:

What a beautiful morning!

Let me brighten it some more by easing some of the worry they might get a spawny miracle....

I took a look at https://footystats.org/clubs/bristol-rovers-fc-244

While they are not yet 100% confirmed as relegated, and they have a "mathematical chance" (or in gas-logic an 8/5ths chance 🤣) of staying up, the last time the gas won 3 games in a row (which is the absolute minimum they now need) was Dec 2019. These were the last 3 games of Coughlan's management, before he jumped ship to a bigger/better club in Mansfield Town, who were in the division below at the time.

Two of the teams they have to play in their next three games, Portsmouth and Blackpool, are involved in a desperately close fight for play-off places, with 3 pts separating four teams including the aforementioned pair. I doubt somehow either will lie down and let everyone's favourite second team take the points.

Wigan, the only team they can possibly catch, have hit good form winning their last four games, and they have Swindon to play the final game of the season.

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