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Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

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I'm sure it is for you lot! ;) I was referring to those who click on the link, and then warn the rags that they will be losing 40,000 readers!

Don't forget the 50,000 who were locked out :nono:

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For a club who's fans like to tell us how respected they are in the wider footballing World seeing all these rags take the piss must get right on their tits.


..and tho, behold...more gift

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Tbf I believe that picture was taken six hours after the event.

At its peak the throng was so large that the roads were blocked off and they then became literally stacked on top of one another so high that the airspace was restricted around the mem, meaning this photo wouldn't have been possible.

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Ever wondered what 40,000 Rovers fans would look like from the air?


Well .... wonder no more ....




The BLBR PR Department spring into action once more


...and the Post report ...

Amazing drone footage puts Bristol Rovers open top bus tour in different perspective


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