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Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

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3 hours ago, st andrews gas said:

See you 2017/18- twice at least.Nah not on a wind-up as you know, can't be bothered.Respect to the few that actually praised our efforts. I ain't got the foggiest about the new owner though we will find out soon enough. Wouldn't need too many additions though league 1 is a porker to get out of as you know....

aint you got a sister to see to.............

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Live in Kingswood and all night has been car horns and Rover's songs from all directions (live down near Southey).............................

Magic :clapping:

Enjoy Bristol........................even tho, I as a matter of fact lives in South Glos & and am baby sitting :whistle:

Happy dazes

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2 minutes ago, S_Y_G said:

Wer r goub up I say we t gpi. Up.  We r goin up we r goub up.  Not  do RC in sote.  Yyyyueerrrrrrree

Finally. One of the more intelligent Gasheads posts.

You'd imagine that you would be at an advantage when it comes to typing when you have an extra finger to help.

Evidently not.

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30 minutes ago, S_Y_G said:

Wer r goub up I say we t gpi. Up.  We r goin up we r goub up.  Not  do RC in sote.  Yyyyueerrrrrrree

Sometimes I'm embarrassed by feeling like a snob, other times I'm quite happy to overtly being a snob. Enjoy League One; it's pretty shit. 

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30 minutes ago, Maltshoveller said:

The Championship is a very hard league

May be next season we can give our club(CITY) 100% and stop giving a monkeys what the gas do



Don't think just because we rip it out of the Gas that it will affect our support of City whatsoever...

Pretty sure all City fans give 100% to the club regardless while making fun of our ludicrous (and rather poor) neighbours

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7 minutes ago, Dark Wood Covert said:

He's won the internet for a day ;)

As far as I'm concerned, he can win it until they lose to Fleetwood in the first game of next season.

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Smelling pisstake
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9 hours ago, cidercity1987 said:

:laugh: they beat Dag and Red to pip Accrington to promotion? 

Accrington.... Stereotypical comedy club.


Dag and Red? Ask any non football fan what that name even means! Ask any football fan where it is!


Both answers, no idea boss.


Enjoy Fleetwood you sad sacks.

Take the district line east and you will find Dagenham. 

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So they did it then... Personally I say fair play. Two promotions in a row is a remarkable achievement, even from such a low standard of football.

90% of them are just football fans like us who just want to see their team do well, so I have absolutely no issues with seeing them have some limited success that is confined to the bottom two divisions as it doesn't affect us.

Saying all that, I will of course be hoping for a swift relegation back to the basement for them. ;)

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From non league football to Division III in two seasons. Let that sink in. Achievement? No, not for me.

They should not even be thinking of us. But they are.  We have vastly different agendas.

The advancement of footballing infrastructure is a key element to success, however not binding. 

We have redeveloped Ashton Gate into facility capable of matching our ambition.  With SL we have a benefactor that has significancly backed this club. His track record of investment is undeniable. 

They have or have to build a car park. I almost don't understand that. Their owner, at best is a complete unknown quantity.  The proof is in the desire to move forward.  

We have. We are operating at different spectrum to them. We are now a fully functioning Championship side. With a season under our belts, the knowledge and experience gained the last 12 months have been invaluable.  The addition of Mark Ashton is key to our progression. He will be the single focal point of our summer. 

What in terms of personnel do they have? Do they have the foggiest idea of what they are up against.  For all of your posturing today and running around your ground shouting "were coming for you...."

Your light years away. The gulf is huge.  We are now an outfit capable.  You might get lucky.  You did today. But in this day and age you need sustainable growth. 

You well might be in league 1 for years, not an easy league. For me the following is key.  See what your new man is all about. Money. Investment.  New ground.  Recruitment.  Academy.   Attendances.  

Then I might look over my shoulder.  




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