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1 minute ago, RobArnold10 said:

Not the wow signing we wanted but if we can get his wolves form back out of him who knows. Still massively frustrated though.

Before he moved to Stoke, there'd be much more enthusiasm for this move.

If I remember correctly, lots of people wanted him in the window where we ended up with Diony.

Don't let the Stoke spell fool you - he's a good player and knows the league. Just had a barren patch recently. 

Attribute wise, he's exactly what we need in my opinion. Could be a very shrewd signing. Less of a risk than an unknown player from abroad and not some journeyman on his last legs.

Would've preferred Reid - but this might be a really good deal.

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2 minutes ago, BCFC11 said:

Both wrong, loans can still be done a week after deadline. Strange

Don’t think so, pretty sure today was the last day for any transfers. Only L1 & L2 can loan in players until end of August


But I think Afobe could do well in our side, had a few bad seasons now but definitely a goalscorer in there somewhere


Hopefully LJ and the rest of the coaching staff can bring the best out of him

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Just now, petehinton said:

8 goals in 46 games for Stoke

and people said Fam didnt score enough...

Stoke had a great season as well...

Surprised he is only 26 seems to have been around for a longer time than that.

Very talented player a couple or three years ago, hopefully he still has it - much more mobile than Diedhiou.

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3 minutes ago, ChippenhamRed said:

Feels like Holly Willoughby turned me down and I’ve ended up without Anne Widdicombe, clinging to the faint hope that she might at least be a good cook.

THIS is the one to trot out if he turns out to be good.

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