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Cardiff City v Bristol City Match Day 16

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4 minutes ago, AppyDAZE said:

As much as i love Taylor Moore, Baker has made very few mistakes this season. I think people are being well harsh.

Yes, Baker has generally been good this season (as has Moore).  The trade-off for Baker’s physicality (which he must show today) is his passing from the back versus a Moore’s.  However Nagy back in should always be a short pass option to keeping cycling the ball.

4 minutes ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

No Ralls for them which is a slight bit of good news.

God, I wish the game was over! I`m nervous as a kitten here!

Yes, underrated player.  Tomlin in which means they have one less energetic player in their midfield.  We all know Pack not hugely mobile, so hopefully Brownhill and O’Dowda can find pockets and exploit them.

3 minutes ago, Nogbad the Bad said:

Hopefully Baker doesn't have another one of his mysterious 'sit down - sub me' days that he's had at Cardiff before.

We're going to need a full team of fully focused 90 minute battlers out there today.

Did his hammer in 15/16, when playing really well.

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15 minutes ago, JonDolman said:

Oh my days he's gone with Baker over Moore. Baker the 'solid championship defender' who makes loads of mistakes.

And with Baker left of a 3, Rowe left wing back, very little going down our left today.


9 minutes ago, maxjak said:

What has LJ Got against Moore?.................I just don't get it?   I hope Baker has a stormer, but he always seems to have a mistake just waiting to happen


6 minutes ago, RedDave said:

Guessing Moore is dropped for Baker as LJ believes Baker better in the air

Moore's stats in the air are surprisingly poor. Averages just over 1 aerial dual won a game. Williams and Baker are over 3 a game.

We need strength in the air today and thought this selection would be the case earlier in the week. 

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24 minutes ago, Up The City! said:

Sounds like a game we will win then.

I certainly hope so :laugh: Seeing Watkins up front is kind of strange to me, I'm guessing Lee will want low hard, driven crosses against Cardiff as we're not beating them with height, Watkins and Weimann look like the get on low cross and get behind the lines kind of plan.

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