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SAME old again excuses

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6 hours ago, Olé said:

Crikey, did people actually go to the game? Our team of professional footballers made mistakes more or less every minute of the match, probably every 30 seconds of the second half. Misplaced pass, poor touch, unnecessary tackle, bad handling, overhit long ball, missed shot, unmarked attacking opponent, misplaced pass, poor touch, misplaced pass, misplaced pass, misplaced pass. 

How on earth do you pin this on the manager? A majority of the players were absolutely shocking, you can't do much if so called professionals (bar Ashley Williams and at a push Eliasson) all look like they've been on the lash the night before. I have kept quiet about this but it's not the first bad home game where the real difference is opponents execute crisply and accurately, we don't.

Agreed Ole.

Also i noticed yesterday that our players seemed not to be enjoying playing.

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17 hours ago, redsquirrel said:

he doesn't look at all bothered by the defeat does he. two games with no spark would get a few managers showing a bit of remorse

are you totally off your flipping rocker? what do you want him to do, send you a personalized letter of apology? crawl on his hands and knees begging forgiveness. Of the many people that need to get a grip, you're most certainly one of them. 

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9 hours ago, CotswoldRed said:

My take - a bit like a striker fluffing his lines because he can't handle the moment, right at the crucial time - I think our players are over-coached and think too much too often. When things start to go a little wrong the thinking overtakes the doing. 

With LJs over-emphasis in turning every aspect of the game into a scientific formula that would fill any whiteboard, I'm pretty sure where the responsibly lies most of the time. 

And yes, the players bear some of the responsibility too. 

Blinded by science. 

LJ probably couldn't fill a buffet plate without organising the sausages as wing-backs, the sandwiches in their role as defensive midfielders. 

I see the same problem in national level power chair football. The unhappiest players are those that are coached relentlessly, who cannot move a wheel without being told where to be and what to do. When the coaching changes they become free sprits able to express their talent. Of course there is a happy balance. Does LJ provide it? 

There is another coach at a Bristol sport side, who coaches relentlessly , with repetition, and even gives players homework to study. But the players  will tell you this "You know exactly what he wants, how he wants you to play and what you have to do in every circumstance "  . Interestingly, those exact words were relayed to me by a player of a team currently running away with the Prem. Clarity and consistency. 

I would suggest that no player of BCFC could say the same. 

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