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Bristol City Match Re-run

Red Skin


Great to see the JPT final up on the your tube channel.  It's would be great if we could have more.

My son has Down Syndrome and is Bristol City mad.  Losing the games is bad enough, but he is really frightened about the whole virus situation both for himself (he has a comprised immune system) and probably for me too (I have a compromised immune system too) and spent 4 months in hospital trying to get on top of the condition I have.

We watched the recent City v Fulham game last night I'd recorded from Sky. This game was a brief escape from his worries.  He calmed down and had to good night sleep.  The first for a number of nights.

It would be great is the club could put more live games up for him to watch on YouTube.  Sod any copyright nonsense for the time-being.  Anyone that prosecute in these times would be lynched, and rightly so. 

Days like these are a real opportunity for the club to show how much their supporters and the wide community mean to them. 

 Many thanks.



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