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Recently Bereaved fans.

Norn Iron


Hi Gerry,

There is a very moving post from BCFC76 entitled Sad Day.

Unfortunately as I now live in Northern Ireland, I am unable to offer any assistance (unless your budget extends to an Easyjet annual pass). However, there must be many City fans in BCFC76's position of suddenly feeling isolated and wanting to go again to the Gate but can't face going to a match. Knowing that they will be attending without their usual loved one with them would be to some a really difficult and emotional hurdle to overcome. 

I can appreciate that in this potter's case he has the additional concern of navigating a wheelchair on his own now. As a fulltime carer to my wife, i can appreciate that is yet another stress for BCFC76 to overcome. 

So....how about at the start of the season, as well as the first home game of the new year, there could be a room set aside in the ground whereby fans suffering bereavement could congregate before the match? I think it would be a lovely gesture by the club if at least coffee and tea plus biscuits were provided as well. So that it isn't abused by fans just turning up with a family entourage, it would have to be for that fan only (plus carer etc) but obviously that's your call.

I hope the above makes sense.

Many thanks.

PS At the Stoke City New Year's Day game last season, I was really impressed when at half time, all the Stoke City fans who had passed away in the last 12 months were remembered by their loved ones.  Photos had been sent in prior to the match, so it could be shown on the big screen. Maybe this could be done as well?

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