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The Coronavirus and its impact on sport/Fans Return (Merged)


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1 hour ago, Ronnie Sinclair said:

in tonight’s edition of Takeaway Watch, on my walk tonight I can confirm The Golden Orient on East Dundry Lane and Whitchurch Grill Belland Drive are trading 👍

Ooooh is the Whitchurch Grill the old Jarmans chippy?  @SuperDziek what was the place up East Dundry Rd called back in the day?!

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3 hours ago, LondonBristolian said:

Only issue with that is we still don't know for certain if people who have had it before are definitely immune. There is a small amount of evidence in China that a small proportion of people may test positive again*. In most cases, this is thought to be asymptomatic but may mean people who have had it can still transmit. That would massively complicate things.

*It is also possible that this can be explained by errors in testing. 

There have been inaccuracies in the test results, so that might be a reason for people showing positive again.

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10 hours ago, Kid in the Riot said:

With respect, you are the one being a little naive. And yes, people paying for extensions in tens of thousands of cash still happens. In fact buying properties in cash also still happens.

In my experience the majority of tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc will either except cash if offered to them or will suggest cash to bring down the price of a job. We all know it goes on and sorry if it tars them all with the same brush but that's just the way it is, let's not pretend otherwise. 

As the posters above have pointed out, you are perfectly within your rights to turn down any offers of cash, or set up a ltd company and do it all properly (not that that stops people employed or companies or through companies they own accepting cash.

In my experience cash is usually offered by customer because they do not want to pay v.a.t.and often after work is completed.

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4 hours ago, pillred said:

Well if that's the case some difficult questions are going to have to be asked because there is no way normal life can be put on hold that long, what the solution is I have no idea but one will have to be found that may include some kind of compromise such as once you have had it you get an exemption certificate from a doctor from all the restrictions currently in place or something like that.

Assuming Doctors and scientists can be 100% certain that once you've had it you cant get it again.

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2 hours ago, hodge said:

A 21 year old with no underlying health concerns has died after contracting the virus 

Unfortunately viruses don’t tend to discriminate between age, yes older people may be more likely to get it but it certainly and unfortunately doesn’t mean the young aren’t  vulnerable. Maybe this, and the death of the 37 year old British diplomat in Budapest,  will be the wake up call for some of the under 40s who think they are invincible.

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2 minutes ago, TomF said:

No, I get that don’t get me wrong. 

I didn't get what you posted wrong I just wanted the invincibles to realise they maybe not. In normal life if we can remember back then kids dropped dead playing sport from conditions  they and their parents/guardians didn't know they had.

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2 hours ago, TomF said:

I expect she had an unknown underlying condition - quite often the case 

I suspect that the message of the article is, there is no certainty with Coronavirus and it has to be taken seriously (I've certainly changed my view as I've learned more and I'm not ashamed to say this).

We can continue to think that we don't fit in the 'at risk' bracket or accept that there will be outliers. Let's hope that the number of outliers is low and other families don't experience the loss of a loved one.

It's a bit like the belief that measles/chicken pox/mumps/etc. is harmless for healthy people, but tell that to those who have been severely affected by such conditions.

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