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Do Carers of u12s get a streaming email?



Hi Jerry.

Please can you advise who gets the email if you’re the Carer of an u12?  Or for that matter, as Carers are classed as season card holders (they certainly used to be)?  Here an old link:

It is the club policy that one helper with any disabled person using a wheelchair receives their admission to the ground free of charge. The wheelchair-user is required to pay the normal wheelchair admission price for that particular game. Season tickets will be available for both the wheelchair-user and their personal assistant. 
Read more at http://www.bcfc.co.uk/fans/disabledpolicy/index.aspx#PJ3AGKY2Bc0vk8OK.99

It doesn’t matter for me, as my son is in u19 group and we are in the same household.

Many Carers won’t live with the disabled season card holder.

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