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Blackburn Rovers v Bristol City Match Day 38

Septic Peg

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Most managers have a preferred style of play. They drill this into their team and sign players best suited to that style. Also any good team is built around sound defence. LJ signs lots of good players but unfortunately doesn’t have a clue what to do with them.

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2 minutes ago, City_USA said:

Was so looking forward to watching football again. Very disappointed that this is what I've been waiting for. More of the same under LJ

Yep agree, so what’s Johnson going to say about that performance?

place your bets.

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No two ways about it, that was very poor. Got to cut out the individual errors which gifted all 3 goals. The 3rd is one of those that really annoy me. Dreadful ball by Pato but Hunt is experienced enough to not try to keep a ball in when he has no support around him. Let them have the throw in and mark up. Other than 2 bad fouls early on you'd barely know that COD was on the pitch. Have to be massive improvement against Wednesday next week if we harbour any hope of the play offs. 

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The coaching staff have had ample time to establish a pattern of play and a spine of a first team, why aren’t we seeing it ?

 I know you need to be smart to outfox your opponents at this level but we have some top players and not one is playing anywhere near his capacity.

OK , first day back but it was for Blackburn as well, they looked like they had a plan .

I am really disappointed.


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Groundhog Day..........nothing changes.  We just all forgot over the past 100 or so days how ordinary we truly are. The BCFC propoganda machine, in league with Gregor McGregorface made us briefly believe that we had a team worth supporting.  However,  reality has now arrived, and don't we all feel foolish?

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