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Listen Live on Robins TV doesn't work

Norn Iron


Hi Jerry,

What assistance can you provide so that all of the issues mentioned below can be rectified?

No doubt you are aware by now that the Listen Live audio feed on PC didn't work. Many of us were being told that despite having an active and extended subscription, "the user does not have sufficient entitlements" to listen. I enclose photos confirming the above.

I did contact the streamingamg email address on Friday and received an automated response shortly afterwards saying that someone would respond. The response came midway through the game yesterday! He advised me to listen via the link provided on the email. He clearly hadn't read my initial email explaining what was the issue as that link went to the very page I was complaining about! I immediately replied to his email only to have it bounced back as his mailbox was full!

It appears that the Robins video feed can be watched on more than one device yet the audio cannot. I was eventually able to listen on my phone via the mobile app. However, I paid my subscription so that I could listen on my laptop which has been my preferred method of choice for over a decade.....until now.

The system is clearly not working and not fit for purpose. I thought the previous EFL/BCFC (Premiumtv) service had issues but at least you were able to contact them. The Premiumtv people would respond quickly with a fix plus extra compensation for failure to provide a game (added weeks to subscription bring the norm). BCFC's new contract offers no compensation or fixes. It really is a poor service. Please, for further information, go to OTIB and read the current thread entitled Robins TV Audio Only Feed.

I am more than willing to provide all email correspondence with the streamingamg link should you want (the link on the website doesn't work either). 

I still have previous on-going issues with the Listen Live feature. Despite your assurances that a colleague will contact me, she hasn't. This was back in January! 

I appreciate how snowed under you must have been prior to the game. It was encouraging to read other Otibers praising your efforts in getting their subscriptions to work. It would be great if you can now fix our audio subscription issue as well especially if it is a breach of contract. I need to revisit the original wording to see if it did apply to providing a service to the PC/Laptop via BCFC's official website. I think it did.

Your advice and support in fixing the lack of audio feed will be greatly appreciated. If I can be of any further assistance so this can be fixed for the benefit of others, please contact me.

Many thanks.




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