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Pre Cardiff Presser


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Zak the obvious choice for media this week given he’s come back into the squad last weekend and then made his first start for two years in midweek.

LJ being a no show is a complete PR balls up. Badly advised whether that’s from Jon Lansdown or Dave Barton. Unless it’s changed for this post-lockdown period, the head coach or member of staff is required for press duties before every match as per EFL regs. As head of Comms, DB has to shoulder responsibility on not putting LJ while the manager has to grow a pair.

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5 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

There’s certainly some digging to do.....a ditch needs to be dug first of all.  

(My last political post, but I couldn’t resist) 😂😂😂


@steviestevieneville our post crossed, Back to football now.

Would that be the ditch that someone would have preferred to die in last year, but then strangely didn’t, or the one in to which our form seems to have disappeared? Either way all very murky....

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