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Post match interview: I can’t wait.

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20 minutes ago, Olé said:

Sky interview was abysmal. The lack of responsibility should be a red flag to the people who employ him. It's basic leadership. Accountability and control.

He was talking about STILL believing amazing work was done during COVID and in the recent pre-season (i.e. him - very conceited) and not knowing why it's gone the way it has since. He also talked about player turnover, which he now describes as "for whatever reason" (he knows the reason and he's been well funded in lieu of it).

The message in all of it is not my fault. I understand he's at the end of the line but some humility and personal responsibility would have gone a long way before now.

Worrying parallels between Lee and his uncle Boris...


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So his sky interview is basically him saying it's not my fault guy, and everyone is working against him, and he thinks he's doing well considering what's going one, never took responsibility when a player can't do it now he's the manager, 

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2 minutes ago, David Brent said:

I won’t listen anymore to him selling our best players. They weren’t unexpected sales, most clubs sell players. You were given plenty to spend to add quality to the squad.

That twonk needs to remind himself that a number of those players had already stopped playing for him and were performing well below their peak.

They wanted to leave and weren’t sold out from under him.

He’s a delusional, bullshitting, con merchant, who is now stealing a living from this club and taking us all for idiots.

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1 minute ago, Northern Red said:

That interview is one of a dead man walking. Blaming turnover of players won't go down well with the powers that be.

Hope so, but it hasn't seemed to bother them much up until now.


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I think from the radio interview that he knows now that it’s time to go. He will want a fresh challenge and I reckon that he could walk or a mutually agreed decision. He clearly needs a break from football and I would not be surprised if he quit (before he is sacked) and then takes a year out before getting back to football.

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Thought what was interesting on Sky was O’Neil and McAnuff’s comments.



  • His team looks lost
  • Replacements not done as well as he hoped


  • Been given funds
  • The best managers get the best out of their players at this stage of the season (damming)


  • re pressure from board - they like how he is with young player (was that having a dig re older players?)

Then when they interviewed Neil Harris:

  • Rotation of squad important / impact from the bench, knew it would be important post-covid (but importantly he’s kept the same 4231 throughout)
  • Ward and Tomlin were good examples today
  • thought they were much better 1st half (I agree)
  • scrappy second half (I thought it got stretched)
  • he wants them to be an aggressive Cardiff side (we were powderpuff) who grind it out when they can’t play
  • they are probably the team nobody wants to face (suspect some teams lick their lips against City)
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