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LJ's reign - Best/Worst players & games

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5 hours ago, Gimme Shelton said:

Oh that Wolves game,if that had gone the other way ( which it could easily have done) Where might we be now?

The Wolves game was the defining moment of Johnson’s time here. We were on a steady upward trend until that very game and we’ve never truly recovered from it since. It was also a microcosm of Johnson’s reign; promising, some great football, but some dubious decision making and ultimately falling short.

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Best player: Webster by a country mile and worth mentioning what he got out of Bobby Reid. 

Not been too many bad players, most of them you have to say were a complete waste of time and money though like Diony, Kent, O'Neil, Henriksen etc.

Best games: Any of the Fulham away games, coming back to win 3-2 at Hull, Blades away for the past two seasons, the games against the Manchester clubs.

Worst games: Fulham at home 2017, 3-3 at home to Sunderland, 5-0 vs Preston.

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One game I thoroughly enjoyed for sheer entertainment value was the 3-2 v Baggies under the lights. Steaming into a three goal lead when they never knew what hit them, agonising as they crept back into the game and topped off by Snakey taking it down in to the corner when he was clean through to see the game out.

I loved every minute of that one, it reminded you what football should be about.

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Best game: for me it has to be the Man Utd one. What a night. 

Worst game: the defeat at home to Brentford this season was very depressing. There was a huge gulf between the teams that day. 

Best players: Webster, Tammy, Brownhill, and Reid’s conversion to a striker. 

Worst player: my main concern has been the number of seemingly wasteful signings. Players like Benkovic and Henrikkson. Also Williams, who has been decent enough, but was signing him necessary when we had Taylor Moore, who started the season really well? And Palmer. I rate him highly, and in my opinion he should be utilised much more, but he was signed for a significant sum (£4 million?) and has barely featured. 


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Some great away days - few better moments than Tomlin v Fulham. More a Lee Tomlin than a Lee Johnson moment in fairness. Enjoyed the cup run.

Worst game? For me the writing was on the wall just a few weeks after Man City away, at the Sunderland home match in Feb. 2018. Complete capitulation. 3 up at half time - drew 3-3 against a really struggling side. Extraordinary. Inconceivable that this was a side that had been challenging at the top of the table just weeks before. We won just three more matches all season. Demonstrated to me that Johnson was never really in control of what was happening. Whilst the outside world would have considered it harsh a more ruthless and ambitious owner would have ditched him at the end of that season. Two wasted years in my opinion.


Best player: Tammy Abraham - privilege to watch such a good youngster learning his trade.

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Best game has to be beating Man U but Tomlin at Fulham runs it close,

Worst for me has to be throughing it away againt a truely terrible Sunderland team, with the Wolves game running it close,

Best player Bobby was class for us

Worst Marinovic he truly scared me

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