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Middlesbrough v Bristol City Match Day 43

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Well, I need to apologise for my no show midweek. But big thanks to @phantom and @Davefevs for covering the Hull game.

I've tried not to comment on the LJ stuff so I can add my two pence here. 

I was never an LJ fangirl even as a player and I was dismayed and disappointed when SL did the classic City 'cheap option' and made him manager. I shouted nepotism and I still believe to this day that an element played a part in his arrival.

We have had some huge changes whilst under his stewardship. When his dad gave us that first season back in the champ, I like everyone else was carried on the wave. But on the back of my head, I was worried that we were way ahead of ourselves and we needed to establish ourselves as a champ team rather than push for the prem with aplomb. Eventually, and under his son, we became that established team.

Our club is also a selling club. Known for our reputation of employing journeymen and one trick ponies, we are now buying with a look to the future. Look at Adam Webster or even back to the Cotts reign with Flint and Kodj. All investments. Our youth setup and development has come on leaps and bounds. Lloyd Kelly, Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan being successes from this.

The Man U game and the cup run that went with it are probably my favourite highlights. When a cup draw is made, we all always hope for one of the big boys at home. A chance to play against the elite, give them a hiding and to do it in your back yard is that standard tale of David and Goliath. We Brits love an underdog too and that night, many neutrals cheered for "Little Bristol City". That game is now forever immortalised alongside that Liverpool game. 

Finally, an overlooked highlight. He set up that winning goal and helped LJ boil the piss of thousands. LJ swooped and bought the star striker Matty Taylor from our rivals. LJ was already under immense pressure and bed sheets were being painted across BS3 and then LJ bought Matty Taylor on transfer deadline day. All was forgiven. LJ the hero.


All in all, he should have gone a while ago. He is a Championship manager and any team looking for establishment in the league would be foolish to overlook him. He will be back at AG maybe as soon as next season I can guarantee.

Who next? Chris Hughton is my money but that goes for little. Ryan Lowe is also another name but just because SL loves the cheap option. I think Mrs L should choose the new manager imo. Viva Maggie.


On to today.


Warnock has come out of his retirement (again) to give Boro a helping hand. Only sitting a few points above the relegation zone, they are going to be looking for a scrap and Warnock loves a scrap. Expect some dodgy tackles and questionable behaviour. Depending on how Baker is will see if he plays but his no nonsense presence would help against Warnock tactics. 


Feeling a draw. 1-1. Andi Weimann to score with a header.


Until next time,


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No disrespect Peg, think you're a great poster but this LJ stuff shouldn't be on the match day thread. It should be on a LJ thread and this should only be about the Boro game. 

Onto the game now, Boro have had mix results under Warnock. They are a good club who's struggled and still have some top players, if they turn up on the day is another question. Like to think we have some momentum from the Hull game, however would like to see another out and out centre mid start today as can't see Pato in a middle too working against a Colin team.

If we get the line up right I see a 2-1 City win. 

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All or nothing to play for ?

Who knows ? 

Boro surprisingly to a gamble on Woodgate that ultimately didn’t pay off. Gibson , like our Uncle Steve , normally gives his staff a fair crack of the whip so it would have been painful for him to sack JW. 

The old fox rises from the grave again to kick some arse and get his men motivated to play football. Yes Colin, again .

Of course we are going to win .

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2 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

Mine is more a review of our opponents, for those that are interested.  I think we still need the official MDT, it serves multiple purposes.

Thanks Dave. A match thread with 8 paragraphs on something that has been discussed on multiple threads and has nothing to do with today’s game was more what I was getting at.

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17 minutes ago, RUSSEL85 said:

As opposed to “ I’d rather someone else did the match threads” 

I think it depends what people like. I think @Davefevs tactical analysis and opponent breakdown is very useful. I think Peg does the match-threads in a way that’s more light hearted with less substance. Admittedly not my cup of tea necessarily but I think their style is a decent way to start match day discussion. There’s a place for both on such a busy forum.

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