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Eddie howe

castle red

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3 minutes ago, marcofisher said:

If he is sacked, couldn’t see him going straight into a new job. 

While I think he'll want to take a season or so we don't know him, could be he hates not working etc and would rather jump back into something, however I don't think he'd come here. IF Norwich sacked Farke (I don't think they will) I think he'd be a great fit there.

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16 minutes ago, castle red said:

Just get the feeling he wants a new challenge, still close to home so no need to uproot, and as we know our job is a good one ,you never know. 

There’s next to no chance he would leave Bournemouth and jump straight into another job imo . Most managers have a spell out of the game to recharge . 

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2 minutes ago, harvey54 said:

May not hurt to ask though? 

I wouldn’t want a manager that would be obviously psychologically drained taking over us. He’s also been accused of not being able to manage big egos. If true, we’ve just got rid of one of those. Alarm bells would be ringing big time. 

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1 hour ago, Maltshoveller said:

Think he is one of those managers who is ok when things are good

but lacks something when times are hard

Also seems to have an ego and his way is best and wont change

You might be right. They had a quality squad this season and valuable experience of survival in the EPL, surprised they were relegated.

Can’t be the behind closed doors as they are well used playing in front of a few hundred fans.

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I'd be ecstatic if he came here. But as has been noted, he has already said he'd like to stay at Bournemouth.

I don't know how people can say "Ignore Hughton's losing streak in the PL and focus on the fine work he did in the Championship", then say  "Ignore how Howe got Bournemouth promoted twice, but focus on his poor form in the PL for the last season".    Three years ago he saw Bournemouth finish ninth in the PL, which was an incredible achievement. In fact, just being there for 5 seasons is an achievement. 


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3 hours ago, Badger08 said:

He won't leave Bournemouth. Met him 3/4 times and he LOVES the club. They would be mad to sack him, which I don't think they will. He is a hero down here (even though there were a few grumbles).

To answer your question though, I think we are a club he would be interested in. He's a bit of a home bird, hence why he didn't settle at Burnley so distance would suit him. 

I don't know if he couldn't settle in Burnley but I do remember that he left Burnley to return to Bournemouth because his father died and he wanted to be much closer to his mother so that he could support her at such a difficult time.

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