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3 minutes ago, Tomo said:

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To be honest I think sums up what a lot of us our thinking , whatever arguments some give this is becoming  incredibly tedious, bar pulling a real rabbit out of the hat what exactly are these self important mob doing? 

And if after this they go with Holden then many fans like myself will have seriously had enough , part of a staff who produced some if the most turgid football seen in years is unthinkable 

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I'm feeling your pain Tomo.

Whenever a Topic goes hot I'm hopeful, but alas nothing.

I'm quite hopeful we will here something tomorrow, or over the weekend though.

Surely this can't drag on into another week :no: saying that though nothing is every simple or makes any sense when it comes to Bristol City.

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3 minutes ago, ScottishRed said:

LJ is coming back. 

Close the thread.

All a ruse by SL to give him a break.

Oh can you imagine the smug little grin on his face if that were to happen......


buffy the vampire slayer no GIF

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