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Out of contract players 20/21 season

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Could be a busy summer if city can’t agree new deals with players out of contract end of 20/21 season. I wouldn’t imagine city wouldn’t  want to lose players for nothing with current situation with COVID, they will try and get as much money as they can. 

The players out of contract end of 20/21 season is listed below:

Andi Weimann 
Famara Diedhoiu
Hakeeb Adelakun
Jack Hunt
Jamie Paterson
Joe Wollacott 
Jonny Smith
Liam Walsh
Marley Watkins
Max O'Leary 
Nathan Baker
Niclas Eliasson
Rene Gilmartin
Taylor Moore
Tommy Rowe
Zak Vyner 
Cameron Pring
Freddie Hinds
George Nurse
Robbie Cundy
Rory Holden

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Some of those may be gone before the season starts. I doubt that many would get into a sweat if we were to lose Adelakun, Watkins, Gilmartin, Hinds and Cundy. While there probably wouldn't be too much of a argument if Hunt, Wollacott and Holden departed too. Personally I'd try to keep the rest, including Baker, but whether Famara and Niclas will still be here is, very much open to question. 

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Obviously we need to be getting those young players to sign new deals who haven't got year options.

With the senior players. Fam probably being sold soon. Eliasson too.

It all depends on how the new manager wants to play with the others.

If it is Cook and he likes big wingers like the ones he had at Wigan then Watkins might still be an important player for us.

If he likes us to go 4231 like he did at Wigan then where does Weimann fit in? Probably best to sell him if we can.

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So if the ones who expire Summer 2021, the following have 1 year options:

  • Weimann
  • Wollacott
  • O’Leary
  • Cundy
  • Vyner
  • Holden
  • Hinds

The following are out of contract best summer as it stands:

  • Gilmartin
  • Rowe
  • Hunt
  • Watkins
  • Baker
  • Paterson
  • Diedhiou
  • Eliasson (exercised)
  • Adelakun
  • Moore
  • Pring
  • J.Smith
  • Nurse (exercised)
  • Walsh (exercised)


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