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Derby 3 Bristol City 4 (Paul Simpson)


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4 minutes ago, bobbyhutchscurlymullet said:

Forest home semi final was live on itv 


I was AG that game and didn’t realise it was being shown live on Sky....not that I had Sky back then but as Tom points out the Derby game was the first live league game shown on national tv.

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On 13/08/2020 at 20:18, Major Isewater said:

I went to  this game , this is why we love football. 


Agreed. My first  city away game . Memorable on & off the pitch ! The derby fans and police didn’t like the fact we won . We were very magnanimous in the win as always! 

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An interesting game for me.

Living in Derby I used to occasionally watch Derby County as a neutral. I'd go to all the City games in the Midlands & Yorkshire. That season the fixture list meant that I could go to loads of City away games, plus a lot of Derby home games, so I bought a season ticket at Derby (bear with me!) in the stand on the right as the cameras looked. Turned out hilarious that season as Derby had a new millionaire backer and turned out to be $h!t much to my amusement. Anyway I digress.....

For this game I already had a Derby season ticket, then I found it was live on TV - in those days that meant watch it down the local (Derby) pub. 2 options. Wow. Then the company I worked for offered me a place in their executive box for the game. 3 options! Blimey. Hold on, in the exec box meant dressing smart & being reasonable - not my normal match day experience.

So I took the 4th option - pay to go in the away end. Absolutely correct decision. 

Highly likely that the bricks raining down on us as we left the away end after the game were being thrown by people I sat next to for the rest of the season.

Happy days.

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