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Tinmans Love Child

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On 19/08/2020 at 10:30, phantom said:

Please tell me you are joking. £60 to walk through a corridor and have a photo taken before eating pizza?

I hope the weather is more like last week than this

Something to show the grandkids.

Here's a picture of me about to eat Pizza.......  Your grandma divorced me shortly after

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10 hours ago, JollyestOli said:

Beyond me why people would rather sit in a football ground drinking overpriced beer that’s been sat in the pipes for 4 months when there are far more appealing beer gardens available but I hope those that went enjoyed it.

The simple answer is there are people that would pay to attend any event held at the ground. 

Like the drive in movie 🎥 why anyone wanted to watch a 20 year old movie sat in a car hardly able to see the screen 

Bristol Sport know full well that supporters from the football and rugby clubs would pay to see the opening of a paper bag if it was at the ground 

2 hours ago, Lewisdabaron said:

Nice try but the drinks were bottled, not draft 👍

Which is even worse. 

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I went to the steak night and feel the price was really fair. £30 included a great tasting steak, peppercorn sauces, sides and a welcome drink. Also, the surroundings were certainly better than most beer gardens and we got some great pics of the players tunnel which we haven’t seen before. I’d definitely go again.  

Our waiter normally looks after the players and their families on match days (football and rugby). He has been redeployed to help with these new events.  If they weren’t created then I expect many more members of good staff would have been let go. 


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