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Sell Wieman now!


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3 minutes ago, Coin-op said:

All he does is run about and point a lot.  Did he learn his trade from Nicky Hunt?  Get rid.  No this is not from just one game.  I have thought this for the last year or so.  Woss reckon?

Sometimes it's really annoying that they've removed the Aubergine and Hendgehog emojis. 


3 minutes ago, Newquay-Red said:

Definitely his worst game of the season so far

I thought it was he best. 

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6 minutes ago, RoystonFoote'snephew said:

I can't agree. He may not have been at his best today, but he did commit the Exeter midfield before feeding Hunt to assist Pato's goal. The duracell bunny will come good. 

Great to hear. How long do we have to wait?

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Don't agree with the OP at all.

Don't think he's a CM for one. Also goals, assists, all-round package- movement.

Reading about Martin and his attributes, I could see both of them being very useful for each other- plus the fact they played together at Derby. Martin has many attributes but not one to lead the press- Weimann otoh...

Not saying Weimann should start week in, week out but he'll have a useful role to play this season once again IMO. We saw at the bvack end of last year- Weimann-Wells. Assist-Goal x 2 at Middlesbrough- again two who can mesh quite well I think.

Or wide right with AN Other wide left and Wells or Martin central dependent on opposition in a kind of 3-4-2-1/3-4-3 hybrid- has a lot of useful attributes, Weimann.

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I imagine he will play, but just not sure where when everyone is fit.

Certainly got his clear strengths and weaknesses has Weimann. 

He does suit our pressing style now so I'd keep him here and he is versatile.

I guess a decent sub to come on with 20 to go and run like mad.

He did very well on goal today. Improved as game went on I thought, but very frustrating too.


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Forrest Gump. Not easy on the eye. Our 4th choice striker.

Won't ever be first choice no.9 (his preferred position) at a club serious about winning promotion.  

Not captain material. Never a midfielder in a million years. But God loves a trier. 

And yes, that hat trick at Bramall Lane won't  be forgotten in a hurry. 

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