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Callum ODowda missing for Ireland - close contact


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A further five Republic of Ireland players are out of Sunday's Nations League game against Wales after one of them tested positive for Covid-19.

The Football Association of Ireland said that an unnamed player tested positive on Friday after having tested negative last Monday.

Four other squad members identified as close contacts of the player have also been stood down for Sunday's match.


While injured pair David McGoldrick and James McCarthy are ruled out, the squad shows no sign of centre-back John Egan, forward Callum Robinson and midfielders Alan Browne and Callum O'Dowda, who all featured in Slovakia.



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  • The title was changed to Callum O'Dowda isolating?
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55 minutes ago, TheCulturalBomb said:

The more cases a day the more this will happen. Even with regular squad testing I can see football being postponed again.

Tranmere played a makeshift side yesterday after player(s) had to isolate.  They feared a 15pt deduction for not fulfilling the fixture.  I’m not sure why they feared that when other clubs have been allowed to postpone games this season.  Clubs are gonna have to think about creating bubbies whilst infection rates are climbing, or we will end up with a farce.

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20 hours ago, HomerRed said:

Not sure why they are being so vague. For all we know COD is the one who tested positive. Or am I missing something? 

Well the article listed COD as being one of the 4 missing for being in close contact with the 5th, who tested positive, so no, not COD.  If anyone can be arsed I'm sure it wouldn't take long to work out who it was as they said whoever it was didn't feature last Thursday, listed the 4 who would be missing for being in close contact, listed another 2 for being in close contact with a positive staff member and then listed two more out injured.....  Can't leave too many options...... Trouble is....I can't be arsed to work it out! :D


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31 minutes ago, HomerRed said:

Thanks. I eventually caught up with the Guardian piece which named the four. 

Still find it odd that it has to be confidential in these days of track and trace. 🤔

There's still patient confidentiality to consider.    The people who need to know (because they've been in contact with him) will have been informed.  It doesn't need to go wider - track and trace only advises if you've been in contact with a person who tested positive.  I don't believe it tells you who that person was.

 I suppose it's down to the player if he wants the information released to people unaffected by it. 

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On 11/10/2020 at 14:53, Meh said:

Palmer maybe on bench next game or maybe we will name less subs 😬

I'd say one of Massengo or Nagy, ideal opportunity for one on the bench- provided Morrell, Walsh or Williams aren't fit yet but use this as an opportunity to put a genuine CM on the bench for cover or if we need one extra genuine CM in there for an in-game tweak-- whichever of those 5 it is.

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