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Ryan Giggs arrested on suspicion of assaulting his partner

Marcus Aurelius

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On 03/11/2020 at 11:27, phantom said:

I'm always amazed how these things leak to the press

I'm probably missing your point, but the article I'm reading says he's been charged. 

So a matter of public record. No secret. 

EDIT: Ah, I'm late to the show. Your post was many months ago! Sorry. 

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On 04/11/2020 at 21:35, The Constant Rabbit said:

I expected better from you tbh.

So you are saying his wife takes a beating on an apparently regular basis so she can live in a nice house?

The same house where she craps herself when she sees him reaching for the booze?

Or maybe, she cannot leave as she knows that a man of his wealth and range of acquaintances would be able to track her down within days.

And what do you think would happen then 'Big Tone'?


Really disappointed with your crass and baseless comment.

Or do all women who live with rich men deserve a slap every now and again, you know, because £££?


Grow up, you absolute dinosaur.


Completely unnecessary comment.

I think most normal & rational posters will fully understand what BT is alluding too - he's not denigrating women but merely citing a very sad fact.

Domestic abuse in this country has some pretty horrific figures especially in regards to women losing their lives at the hands of despicable partners.

It is a very serious subject that does not get enough exposure in my view.

Take those paragons of virtue at the BBC & Sky particularly from a sporting perspective, they have ultimate platforms to raise awareness but no, their pre-occupation lies elsewhere.

It can't be argued that it has nothing to do with sport because it is very relevant to football in particular - there have been plenty of examples of thug footballers beating on women & that is even before due process unravels the Giggs affair.

Women's Lives Matter Too.

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Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs will go on trial in January next year accused of headbutting his ex-girlfriend and controlling her.

Mr Giggs, 47, allegedly assaulted Kate Greville, 36, and caused her actual bodily harm at his home in Greater Manchester on 1 November last year.

He is also accused of controlling and coercive behaviour between December 2017 and November 2020.

He will face trial at Manchester Crown Court on 24 January.

Mr Giggs, who is now Wales boss, appeared at the court on Friday during a short hearing where he confirmed his identity and the date was set. He was told the trial could last three weeks.

He will also attend a plea and trial preparation hearing on 23 July.

The court was told that the crown was yet to "particularise the indictment" in relation to the accusation of controlling and coercive behaviour.

Mr Giggs, who is accused of using violence, isolation, belittling, humiliation, harassment, degradation and abuse, previously issued a statement saying he would "look forward to clearing my name".

He has also been charged with common assault by beating of Ms Greville's younger sister, Emma Greville, in the alleged same incident, which he also denies.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) announced caretaker boss Robert Page will manage the country at this summer's European Championship finals.

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The Welsh FA have had quite a bit of bad luck with their managers in recent history.

He has been charged, that suggests sufficient evidence, but he has not yet been found guilty. I for one, will therefore reserve any comment on the man until the end of the trial. 

That is what everyone should be doing as a matter of course.

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