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Russell comes out with a alot of credit. Perez too of course.

Yeah just piles pressure on Bottas. While I dohope Lewis Hamilton is safe and well, it's more interesting with Russell driving there..

Do away with these pretend satellite teams and just have 4+ works cars with different paint jobs and sponsors please. the more drivers with a real chance to win the better.

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Bottas' contract is up after next season.

Hamilton's actually ends this season but I expect he will sign a new one.

Will most likely be Hamilton/Bottas for next season, and Hamilton/Russell for 2022.


Really looking forward to the 2022 season now, with the rule changes coming in for it, McLaren with a Mercedes engine (they have one for next season too, but have to sacrifice other areas of development to make the change), the budget caps as well.

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When you read about what GR had to deal with inside the cockpit, he did an incredible job. 

Russell had two days to prepare for his drive in the Mercedes. The car did not fit him. He is five inches (14cm) taller than Hamilton, he had to wear boots that were one size too small to fit his size 11 feet in the cockpit and operate the pedals, he needed ice on bruises at the end of every day in the car, and he was using Hamilton's gear change and clutch paddles, which were too small for his fingers.

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6 hours ago, phantom said:

Interesting to read that Mercedes boss Toto Wolff wants to talk with Valtteri Bottas' team after he was out-shined by rookie team-mate George Russell.

Someone isn't happy !

They need to get Bottas out of there, give Russel the seat although I think he'd push LH hard once he settled in. Lewis has never liked real rival the same team - Alonso/Rosburg etc.

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This year's Formula 1 season will have a delayed start after the Australian and Chinese Grands Prix were postponed because of Covid-19 restrictions.

The races were first and third on the 2021 calendar and the season is now scheduled to begin with the second race, in Bahrain, on 26-28 March.

Australia and China have strict rules on international arrivals.

The Australian Grand Prix, originally scheduled for 19-21 March, will now take place between 19-21 November.

A race at Imola in Italy has been added from 16-18 April and becomes the second race of the season.

"We are pleased to confirm that the number of races planned for the season remains unchanged," F1 president Stefano Domenicali said.

"The global pandemic has not yet allowed life to return to normal, but we showed in 2020 that we can race safely as the first international sport to return and we have the experience and plans in place to deliver on our season."

F1 says discussions over a new date for the Chinese Grand Prix, which was meant to be held from 9-11 April, are ongoing.

The third race of the season, scheduled for May 2, is yet to be confirmed but it is expected to be filled by Portugal's Portimao circuit following its debut last year.

The dates of the Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi events have been moved to accommodate the postponed Australia race.

Brazil moves forward one week to 7 November, while the latter two have been pushed back a week to 5 and 12 December respectively.

Only 17 of the 22 scheduled F1 races went ahead in 2020 while the 2021 season is due to have a record 23 races.

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1 hour ago, phantom said:

He's a very lucky man that these are his only physical wounds


Should have done the lottery that weekend. Still can't believe that he isn't dead after that!!

How he has managed to come away with only those physical wounds/scars, is nothing short of miraculous.

It's been said before, but the modern safety features have proved their worth. He could easily have been killed outright if it wasn't for that halo

So glad he's come out the other side.

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Deleted something I thought had happened but couldn't find the evidence of it- probably made it up!!
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I quite enjoyed the car launch, Ricciardo and Norris should be a good laugh.

This is an interesting video regarding the technical changed to the car yesterday and how it may bring all the cars a bit closer together. It comes across as Mercedes don't seem quite as confident with how much better they'll be, so hopefully it won't be much!


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  • The title was changed to The Formula One Thread
22 hours ago, wayne allisons tongues said:

Can’t believe Hamilton was a lap down and red flag goes so he can unlap himself.

It seems a daft rule, he crashed and had to change his wing but due to an accident on track can get all the time back. 

I can see why people think so but it's always been the rule, and it does make sense. Imagine a restart with a mixed pack, the confusion of some cars being blue flagged and some cars genuinely racing is a recipe for a ruined race.

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3 minutes ago, nebristolred said:

I can see why people think so but it's always been the rule, and it does make sense. Imagine a restart with a mixed pack, the confusion of some cars being blue flagged and some cars genuinely racing is a recipe for a ruined race.

But if there was no red flag all the cars were out of place any way and were allowed to race normally. 

It just seems a very silly rule and the top 6 who had been careful made no mistakes and kept there cars on the track had no advantage for doing it.

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