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The Lee Johnson Thread (Merged)

Never to the dark side

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14 hours ago, Hampshire Red said:

Johnson said ' bang around the groynd'. The vast majority of City fans enjoyed his tenure at Ashton Gate, particularly,  substantial parts of each season. 

It is a shame that isn't reflected in the views of a noisy minority who appear on this forum

IMHO,  I think that LJ and SC both did a good job at Ashton Gate, one got us up, and the other established us as a  genuine Championship side.   i will be hoping that Shrewsbury and Sunderland both have good seasons,  I will be watching their results with interest. . All being well on the 19th it will be a draw?  

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2 hours ago, And Its Smith said:

I said the names already listed in this thread. 

Eh? So when you posted about LJ and you said there is “a long list of players who have improved massively under his management” and I asked you to name this long list, your replies have basically been “other players who have been mentioned in this thread” and “etc” - so your long list doesn’t exist, a long list suggests a significant amount of players that LJ can claim to have “improved massively” - I suggested to you that a “long list” could reasonably be expected to be ten or more players - you replied with “other players who have been mentioned in this thread” and “etc” .... the long list is a fallacy then ...

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1 minute ago, Phileas Fogg said:

Both did well today. Both have tough jobs for different reasons.. Cotterill quietly doing quite well with Shrews considering. 

Yep. And I love it. I can’t wait for Sunderland vs Shrews. Provided it’s a Shrews win... put it this way, I’ll either be crowing on here, or completely absent! 😂😂😂

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  • The title was changed to The Lee Johnson Thread (Merged)

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