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Cyberpunk 2077

Marcus Aurelius

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32 minutes ago, Sturny said:

Not yet, by the looks im glad I waited. I've seen mixed reviews (poor performance on ps4/xbox) and lots of bug being reported! Gonna grab a copy when that's all fixed. 


16 minutes ago, redsince1994 said:

Was always gonna be the case I reckon. Long delayed releases with this much hype rarely turn out well!

I've seen the same,  understandable though.

I'll be using PC so I hope I don't experience the performance issues, but we'll see.

Shame I'll have a huge download tonight. 

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4 hours ago, Banned User said:

Bugs bugs bugs bugs

Was always going to be. Name me a new game that doesn't have "a bug" in it, and doesn't need an update as big as the game itself within the first week or so? Also this game has had it's release date put back so many times it's just not funny.

Developers are lazy nowadays, they'd rather put something out that isn't completely finished and then "improve it later" just to get it out there. Gone are the days of releasing it on a cartridge and getting it out there for all time. There are some games that are at some point in time a complete mess, and unplayable. So much so that it's not uncommon to see people say "well 2 years down the line they've finished updating it, and now it plays like a completely different game".

I rarely buy a game on full release anymore. 1 I haven't got the spare time I used to have, and 2 it's probably going to be buggy anyway.

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On 15/12/2020 at 15:05, Wiltshire robin said:

I’m torn between this and red dead redemption, what do you guys think is better ? 

Not played CP2077 yet. Going to wait for a few more patches! Bugs aside it doesn't appear to have quite hit the heights people were expecting but no doubt there will be more updates and DLC to improve and expand it.

Red Dead is an absolute classic, although they are both very different flavours of open world game. If you like Grand Theft Auto and Westerns, you'll love it. Really nice looking game as well, even on PS4/XBOX. I played it on a PS4 Pro for reference.

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Have faith with CD Projekt Red, genuinely benchmark developers. They've dropped the ball with the previous gen launches for Cyberpunk, but they'll turn it around.


The Witcher 3 is the best game of the last generation, and to that the incredible story DLCs and the free add-ons at the start. Also the physical copy had some lovely bits included AND they are releasing the Witcher 3 for PS5/Xbox, remastered and free if you already own it's digital copy on PS4/Xbox One

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