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The Dead of 2021 / OTIB Death Pool 2021


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12 hours ago, Ronnie Sinclair said:

Unlike today’s throwaway gadgets, I still have my ZX Spectrum from Christmas 1985 - sleep well Sir Clive 

The one in our house belonged to my older brother, he still has it. Still, it didn't stop me getting on there. Few years later i had my own 128k+ 'Toastrack'. Wish i still had it, sold it to buy an Amiga 500 (with half mb memory uograde of course!)

ZX Spectrum 48k changed and was my life as young kid. Ive never stopped gaming since.

RIP Sir Clive.

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1 minute ago, WarksRobin said:


Another Only Fools and Horses actor leaves us

Andy at Nailsea Barbers will be gutted

3 hours ago, TomF said:

Always likely after his stroke.  Only surprise is ISJ went before him. 

After 5 months with no hits, deathlist gets two in a weekend. 

Shit isn't it but make that 3

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