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Jasper thompson

Banjo Island

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1 hour ago, Banjo Island said:

Just seen that jasper is sadly in hodpital with covid many on here will remember home and away a really lovely bloke he used to have cuba ice on north st a fashion clothing store on park st and recently doing a lot of work helping the homeless turning shipping containers into homes stay strong jasp get well soon

I don't know him personally but I've got so much respect for him regarding his homeless venture. Been to the Jamaican Diner a few times too. 

Get well soon, Jasper!

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Heard the worrying news a few days ago. Sure he will pull through. If you know his background, you will know he is made of tough stuff.

First got to know Jasper in the 80s and will never meet a nicer Red. Top lad who is loved by many old skool City. Had some real laughs on away days with Jasper.

His clothes shop on Park Street was a class act back in the day. Once of the best dressed City lads. 

Get well soon Jasper.

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Twenty five years ago or so a young kid who had his train ticket at Pompey station and was worried he could not get back to Bristol. In stepped Jasper and a ticket was bought. for somebody he did not know. Thats Jasper then and now he is dedicated to helping Bristol homeless. Get well soon Jasper.

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Wishing the big fella a full and speedy recovery - his heart and kindness are bigger than his stature.

We go back a long way and to anybody still thinking about not wearing a mask, isolating or getting the jab - if the virus takes Jasper down you sure as hell better watch out as no other ****** ever did.

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