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Reading (H) - Tues 16th Feb 19:45 - Matchday thread


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Holden should have gone for it.

Not anything crazy. Just maybe Palmer, Bakinson. Drop Fam and go with Semenyo and Wells. Just go with Kalas and one other as centre backs. Push high up and press and play quick passing football.

That could have been a disaster. But if it was to work, and I do believe the players available can do it if set up correctly, then can you imagine the positivity. We attacked, pressed, passed the ball and scored goals. We can go with this team going forward. 

Instead he's gone completely negative and prayed we'd be able to defend brilliantly with last gasp challenges and somehow score a goal with just pumping it long all game. Would be a fluke 1-0 win or something.

It would be a win but it wouldn't make anyone think we will win again any time soon. It would not be something that we can really build on. It would be Reading missing chances, us throwing ourselves at everything.

He will probably get the sack now and he didnt even have a go.

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1 minute ago, Red white and red said:

And please take that useless shite Downsey with you. Why are you announcing the players coming back on the pitch, to an empty stadium. Nobody cares mate.

Talks to himself with fans there anyway because nobody can ****ING hear him. Not like I listen anyway 😂

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Whilst the anger is justified, the solution would appear quite complex. To attract someone of the correct calibre, as we failed at doing just a few months ago when better placed, is going to rather hard. There does seem to be a big issue with recruitment, yet when I read the SL interview today, it does not seem to be on his radar yet. I do not think anyone of note will come to us with the current people (not set up) in place. It is a mighty issue, and you really need to be concerned about a relegation battle now. 


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3 minutes ago, Sheltons Army said:

There’s SEVEN Internationals (Of various levels) incl FIVE Senior Internationals in red shirts tonight


Whatever the level of coaching -

They should be truly embarrassed 

They've been found out. Kalas, Wells, Nagy - they're all pretty crap in my opinion. 

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2 minutes ago, cityexile said:

Agreed. It’s like they have downed tools.

In some ways I will be annoyed when they all start playing for a new manager. In other ways I will grab it.

I also think the ‘no new contract offers’ has actually not helped. Some of them will be wondering where they are next year and are hiding and keeping safe.

That is a really good point, how would you feel if that was publicised, especially if nothing had been confirmed to agent or player. They are ultimately looking to earn a living like anyone else.

could it be that our esteemed CEO believes he has god-like powers and everything he says is gospel?

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4 minutes ago, Taz said:

We can hope. Just can't see anything being done tonight.

Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing happened for another 2 or 3 games....

We have had no reaction tonight, we still can’t attack a team in any way, shape or form, we are 0-2 down and looking gutless.....I can not see how he can survive tonight 

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