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Please, please be interested Eddie Howe


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7 minutes ago, shelts said:

Love to see Eddy come and have a go, pretty sure it won’t happen . I expect if Ashtons still in a job and Holden is gone we will get Appleton 

I ask this to everyone who mentions Howe.

What sort of transfer budget would he want vs what could we (and many Championship clubs) offer him in the first Post Covid season?

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For once and for all, you can't polish turds.

We've a sewage works worth of them on the books.

Yes, Holden & Co had to go but HE WASN'T TO BLAME. Were there any justice in the world 30 utterly crap players would see their contracts annulled tonight. Frauds all.

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34 minutes ago, QuedgeRed said:

Eddie is not enough.

It has to be Eddie with FULL backing.

Eddie was pretty horrific with transfers at Bournemouth, I think he would be far better working as a head coach with someone else looking after that side.

Obviously, that would require MA to be completely competent, and that is a complete different story...

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3 minutes ago, Mr Popodopolous said:

What size transfer budget and then wage budget can we realistically offer him?

My suspicion, like a lot of Championship clubs, is not a lot.

Don’t take this the wrong way Mr POP and your knowledge of finances of various Clubs admirable , but you get hung up on money and finances far too much

Howe won’t come here anyway


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