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Nigel Pearson - Confirmed ‘Manager’ Till End of Season

Dolman Block B

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12 minutes ago, Boston Red said:



Stuart Pearce revealed an incredible story about the time Nigel Pearson was nearly killed by a pack of wolves while on holiday.

Pearce told the tale while on commentary for talkSPORT as Pearson’s Watford were beaten 2-0 by Liverpool at Anfield.

He said: “Every summer he used to go away on his own on a walking holiday. One year he went to Transylvania. Got the train and went out to Transylvania and was warned if he goes walking in the mountains there are wolves and bears that type of thing.

“He got surrounded by a pack of wolves, this is a true story, backed himself up to a hedge to stop them getting behind him and gouged one of their eyes out and broke another’s jaw and managed to get away.

“He said if they managed to get behind him they would have killed him.”

Pearson came out and said it was dogs 😂

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2 minutes ago, Sturny said:

You nearly made me boot my cat 

Did you do a ‘Fammy’ and scuff it ?

Or a ‘Antoine’ and miss the target ?

3 minutes ago, petehinton said:

Confirmation after government statement this evening I’d say. 

Blimey , I didn’t realise Boris was announcing it

I thought it would be Steve or Jon

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  • The title was changed to Nigel Pearson - Confirmed ‘Manager’ Till End of Season

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