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What has happened in the last 7 days. On the face of it despite the results a lot hasn’t changed. More injuries, a poor first half, Bents and Kalas keeping us in the game then altering formation in response, playing Wells and Kasey wide and Vyner moved into midfield. Many of the things that Holden was criticised for and yet its different.

For me the key is Leadership, strong Leadership that lifts players, coaches and performances. Firstly our owner having been distracted (or too trusting) for so long steps in and clearly takes control again. Holden gone, Pearson in and looking at a new plan from here on. MA firmly in the back seat and not seen in his usual BS mode 

Pearson being manager and not Head Coach in my opinion sends a message about who is in charge of the club (SL) and who is in charge of all football matters and not just the team. He has had little time yet to make any significant changes but right from the outset there is an unemotional calmness and reassuring presence. LJ was much more focused on his own philosophy, Dean on his passion and commitment for the club but Nigel has no such insecurities. It’s ‘We’’ not ‘I’ and ‘our team’ not ‘my team’ and nothing to prove to anybody. You sense that as Leicester fans have said that everybody at the club will feel part of the process now and be focused on their jobs. 

Leadership is not about shouting, ranting or ego it’s about knowing the best ways to get a job done rather than having to continually show who is in charge. It’s about uniting not dividing and being confident enough so as not to be forced on the defensive if questioned, (LJ take note).

I sense that if Nigel stays long term then his influence over our future will evolve into much more than just as team manager. Early days and optimism has too often been our downfall in the past but something already feels different this time. 

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