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What is your Mount Rushmore of movies?


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I like Christopher Nolan's stuff. Inception & Interstellar both high up on the list for me. Enjoyed Tennet recently too.

Enjoyed Parasite, The Joker, The Revenant, The Martian, Shawshank Redemption and Forest Gump will probably be on a few lists, liked Django Unchained, not a big war film fan but I liked Hacksaw Ridge. I like The Wolf of Wall Street but some people proper rave about it and I'm not at that level with it myself 😂 


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Godfather part 2

Casino Royale ( Daniel Craig version)


My Cousin Vinny ( remember watching with my son ( only a youngster at the time ) when it was first on the telly  and we were both wetting ourselves laughing throughout. 




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It's an impossible question to answer as I'd give a different answer every day. Probably best to do different genres so I'll go with:

LoTR trilogy (fantasy/sci-fi)

Pulp Fiction (drama)

Shaun of the Dead (comedy)

Blues Brothers (musical)

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