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Match day thread Home v Forest 3pm

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Just now, RUSSEL85 said:

That will do. A point, clean sheet and stopped the rot.

Yes, and if the ref gives the Pen that would have been 3 pts. Second half display much better, but lots of endeavour throughout.

Wells poor, but the rest all committed, even Lansbury did pretty well. HNM easily Man of the Match.

Shame last 6 or 7 mins down 10 ten men, after Semenyo's effort to get on the end of Rowe's poor high corner. 

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2 minutes ago, RedorDead BCFC said:

Never understand the sub rule. Is it only times you can use subs but can use 5? Because we’ve only used 4 today.

It’s five, but only allowed to stop play three times to make them. Half time subs do not count towards the three.

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I'll take that.

A much better 2nd half so definite signs that Nige is getting his players aligned.

A certain penalty but, in the refs defence, until I saw the replays, I didn't think it was.

50 points, job done hopefully.

HNM motm, closely followed by Kalas and Lansbury who I thought had a decent game.

I would suggest those not in the squad, that were fit to play, can contact the local estate agents.

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Really good point, Massengo outstanding, Pearson & Lansbury very good.

Looked more solid defensively though a couple of interesting clearances by Zak & Tomas..

Results at the bottom probably mean we have enough points already.

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Small steps.

Massengo's display absolutely I liked.

2nd half better than the first but that's not saying much.

Clean sheet, stopped the rot at home.

Should have had a penalty but whether we would have deserved a win is a different debate. Loads still to do but it's a start.

We've not been awarded a (League) penalty since...Norwich at home in October! Granted we don't create a huge amount, often but it's got to be one of the longer runs I'd have thought.

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