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NFL 21/22 Season

Dynamite Red

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On 13/09/2021 at 12:33, TMWANG50 said:

Bears still s&ht role on 2022!

Their 1/4back was sacked more times than Peter Mandleson yesterday.

Looked like they’ve taken defensive coaching from us last season.

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On 20/09/2021 at 14:35, TMWANG50 said:

Some interesting results last night be interesting to see if some of these teams can keep up their unbeaten starts. Just glad the Bears actually won a game even though they tried to throw a 17 point lead against he Bengals...

Oh yeah, that was really beautiful, I enjoyed the game too!

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On 27/09/2021 at 20:54, elhombrecito said:

I believe Jamal Agnew cited you as his inspiration yesterday.


He probably wasn't born when it happened, nice of him to acknowledge me though, and the best return of a missed FG?

The 2013 Iron Bowl, Alabama v Auburn what a finish!!

Best quote ever on football commentary 2:29 'because there's no athletes on the field for Alabama there's all fat guys'



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23 hours ago, elhombrecito said:

First win in September or October since 2019... 

Lets Go Nfl GIF by New York Jets

As a noob learning american football I stuck an accumulator and got laughed at for putting the Jets on it, the outcome of the accy was awful but happy I can use that in future :laugh:

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1 hour ago, Robbored said:

Doesn’t matter - a win is a win. 

I didn’t see any FG stats tho.

It was some TV one the commentator said. It was either 38 years or 63 years, but I can’t remember so went for the more conservative one!

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