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Match day thread Luton Town

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5 hours ago, Jerseybean said:


‘We’ve got a lot to learn going into next season, that’s for sure’ Taylor Moore when the final whistle blew on Saturday.

Some of what we have got to learn you would probably consider to be the basics (as per the three goals we conceded against Luton) such as marking a team’s top scorer when they have a corner, closing down a midfield opponent to prevent them time and space to pick a pass. Other basics include passing to one of our players and retaining the ball from our throw ins.

NP has also spoken consistently about player’s attitude and professionalism needing to change and how too many go missing, don’t do what has been discussed and are unable to manage opponents well enough.

Although these are all basic elements of being a professional footballer our players certainly need to learn them very quickly.

These are not new failings, what is new is that we currently have a manager who talks about them and is prepared to solve them.

Agreed, why can’t they get it right?  Is it that they don’t care, or not understand how to or are are they just thick as pig shit?  Why not go man for man to keep it simple. Or are they doing that already?  

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8 hours ago, Superjack said:

Well teams seem to stop ours.

To be able to stop crosses, you first need your opponents to run at you from wide positions. Something we don't seem to do enough of anymore.

The alternative is you let certain players just run at you knowing full well they can't cross or pass for toffee :doh:

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On 25/04/2021 at 14:50, chinapig said:

Because the culture of the club is cosy with no real pressure to deliver anything more than mediocrity. If you can make a very good living from failure why do more?

Starting to get that impression.

Championship- Stay up, certainly good enough to do that anyway (even if many might disagree based on post Birmingham or Blackburn say- our last win, or 4 point week)- seem to have largely slipped since then.

Or maybe they saw it as approaching mission accomplished in late Jan? 39 points by then has you in a pretty good place to stay up. Not entirely of course but well on track. A little Cup run or two, eyeing moves away...

Vs Middlesbrough and Swansea though, they put it in- especially vs Middlesbrough 1st half, we were pressing really well, best in weeks and maybe months. Swansea the character was shown despite the setback of a potentially unjustified penalty- that seemed to spur us into life and 2nd half was better by far than 1st. Once we had the possibly slightly unlucky loss to Bournemouth, we weren't likely to go down, and playoffs looked far away- mission accomplished (in the minds of many players)? Especially with 13 out of contract!

We showed shoots since then- for differing reasons Birmingham and Blackburn away had something, Sheffield Wednesday given the unjustified early red card was happy with a point there, happy for hanging on in there and Bakinson scoring a great goal anyway- by the 2 games that followed saw shocking collapses, especially Luton at home in which by all accounts we played very well in the 1st half. Pearson was happy enough with the 1st half at Wycombe too.

Something fundamentally wrong. Would be great if the much improved attitude say Middlesbrough first half with the ball, 2nd without, Swansea 2nd half and snippets of other games, IMO this has to set the standard. The rule rather than the exception.

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