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Out of contract releases

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7 minutes ago, Rudolf Hucker said:

Sweeney is the best RB we’ve ever had, imo Graham and I rated him highly. Donnie Gillies was decent there too. Orr was one of the better ones, for sure - good defensively, though to me, lacked pace which was his biggest shortcoming. Liked Paul Stevens and certainly rated Brennan. Llewellyn was as hard as nails, could win the ball but then didn’t know what to do with it! Carey was a far better CB than RB, again imo. 

I’m sure I’ve missed some others but my point is that, think LB and you can immediately recall top class players such as Drysdale, Bell,  Scott, Brennan, Cooper, Hill, Cunningham, McAllister, Bryan, DaSilva yet we’ve a far shorter list of memorable RBs. 

You forgot Darren Bernard as a very good LB. Brennan I’m sure was a LB

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20 hours ago, Hxj said:

I am sure some will be spent - I expect to see two or maybe three quality players coming in - assuming no one he wants to keep leaves - the first questions I would ask about all the ooc players suggested is “Why is your club happy to see you go?” and “What makes you think it will work here if all you want is a big payday?”

To be fair some will pass that test - but I probably prefer players that a club wants to keep hold of.

Nyambe on a free, Rothwell on a free- quite possible that Blackburn may not be able to renew on existing terms. McIntyre at Reading may also fall into that.

Wonder about some of the top 6, will any of the mooted out of contract become available. Smith and Cook at Bournemouth, Femenia or Kabasele at Watford- though the status of the last two is unclear. Talk though that several lower to lower midtable La Liga sides and Trabzonspor were interested in Femenia.

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