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Cult Hero’s

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1 hour ago, CyderInACan said:

Always remember him though. he came on as a sub and as soon as he ran on the pitch the ref blew the final whistle. 

Think Simon Panes might be one of the senior staff at The Wise (South Glos Academy) and played a part (Hockaday too) in Semenyo coming here.

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4 minutes ago, DanCarter25 said:

Matt Smith?

out of contract in the summer and fits the 30+ recruitment strategy!!

He's shit though, isn't he?!  According to some on here......

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5 minutes ago, Merrick's Marvels said:

You've forgotten Anfield?

Maybe I should reword it 'hardly any of them'!   It wasn't intended as an insult to him, just he did a job most of the time (in my eyes at least), and went largely unnoticed

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3 hours ago, cidered abroad said:

Remember him well. Did he only play one game? TC got him from Weston. Tried hard but didn't quite have it.



John Palmer was sitting a few rows back from me on coach 2 for that game away to Chester

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17 hours ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

If cult hero means a player that practically no-one else in football has ever heard of but who is dear to the hearts of City fans I give you


Step forward Enoch Showumni, anyone who gives away a complimentary players ticket and access to the players bar after the game in a sell out cup tie (Boro), to a complete stranger gets my vote.

Happened to me .




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