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Delivery today at Robins High Performance Centre

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3 minutes ago, DaveF said:

End of season piss up?

A ploy by Big Nige to find out what's really going on inside people's minds. Loose lips tell many truths. A few drinks make people drop their guard. It's going to be an interesting few months.

Netflix/Amazon prime have  missed a trick not getting their cameras in there.

This would make great T.V for any football fan

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6 minutes ago, SecretSam said:

Maybe the official launch party, after lockdown restrictions ease at the weekend? 

This sounds the most plausible. Official opening of the Robins Huge Party Centre, get the sponsors in, unveil a plaque, pat each other on the back etc.

Can't imagine the squad end of season party will be at the training ground?

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13 minutes ago, Agard Days Night said:


As I enter my 7th decade on this planet, it’s fair to say life has taught me some valuable lessons, some the hard way.  One of the more minor lessons learnt, is not to necessarily believe everything I read on OTIB.

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4 hours ago, Carey 6 said:

Group of them on a staff golf day today, Pearson, Scotty & Dave Barton etc.

Expect it's an end of season staff do.

Nothing to get upset about!

Exactly, I'm having a few beers🍺🍺🍺🍺 tonight.,.... don't begrudge any one having a drink.The season is over TF.

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7 hours ago, shahanshahan said:

My friend who works as a delivery driver, and isn't a football fan, posted this photo today.

Caption: "Is this the training ground? Just delivered a BUNCH of booze to them 🤣"


Is your friend Jody Morris?

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