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FIFA exploring idea of a World Cup every 2 years


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What next 4 FA cup finals a season? If its Christmas every day, the magic will go. What makes the world cup special is it isn't an every day occurrence, it's that special patch you get in a SUMMER (not Saudi winter) where you and your mates are biting your nails, beers in hand, cheer on your country. The more you drill into something, the worse it becomes, they know this, but if they can get their hands on a few more notes, it will happen. 

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4 hours ago, prankerd said:

The super league was a money grabbing idea but at least they were half correct to ditch fifa and the criminals who run it!

The worst thing to happen in football is that we didn't let this happen IMO. Football needs to return to some sort of normality for its long term existence. The money grabbers would soon learn the error of their ways and so be it.

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15 hours ago, Mr Popodopolous said:

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE- those 3 all seem to act in a way that indicates they have that goal, though UAE is further along the road to 'niceness'/respectability with its attraction to Western tourists too, in a way that the other 2 probably aren't. Decent article that goes into what you say and beyond. While no expert on the region, purely guesswork but I expect that UAE the least brutal of the 3 states, but it's a pretty low bar.

In football parlance the brutal premier League would probably have China top, with what they are doing with the Uighurs and defacto colonising the world, Saudia Arabia would be pushing them all the way for the title, Qatar would be mid table and the UAE would be fighting relegation.

7 hours ago, 2015 said:

If this happened I think it would be time for Nations like England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy to finally break away from Fifa. 

100%>>> in fact they should have done it during the Splatter debacle. But this is England's fault in the first place, for sitting snobbishly outside FiFA for its formative years. It then chose Switzerland for obviously secretive reasons provided so admirably by their authorities; because that is what they do and have been at it since long before the 1930's. It is interesting to note that the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank of central banks if you like, controlled by the Rothchilds, cannot face a criminal prosecution. It is enshrined in their corporate structure and fully endorsed by the Swiss govt. Probably not quite so easy for FIFA to evade law but they too, as we have seen, seem to wriggle their way out of proper corruption probes. Without pressure Blatter would still be there. The structure remains the same. And if enough money is on the table they will eventually come round and endorse a world cup every 2 yrs. 

4 hours ago, RedNachos said:

What next 4 FA cup finals a season? If its Christmas every day, the magic will go. What makes the world cup special is it isn't an every day occurrence, it's that special patch you get in a SUMMER (not Saudi winter) where you and your mates are biting your nails, beers in hand, cheer on your country. The more you drill into something, the worse it becomes, they know this, but if they can get their hands on a few more notes, it will happen. 

I think in truth the magic has long gone anyway. This is about TV rights. Matters very little if fans are in the stadium... Only the traditional supporter from the traditional country understands supporters being imperative. 

The Saudis are doing all in their power to push people to forget the Kashoggi affair, the state of their regime and to invest in sectors that they feel will lessen their dependence on a dwindling resource of oil. 

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On 22/05/2021 at 12:06, Lrrr said:

Proposed by Saudi Arabia and had a lot of support from member nations


If anyone has access to the full article rather than introduction pasting would be appreciated.

Shit decision, UEFA will follow suit with Euros and then you have a major football competition each summer, the players then never have a summer off and becomes a repetitive cycle. When you look at cricket when they have a packed schedule it means them taking breaks/rotation to miss a series to have time off but you know football would never do that and push players. 

Does this help?

Some interesting comments, as well.

Fifa exploring new Saudi Arabia proposal to hold men’s and women’s World Cups every two years

France won the last World Cup in 2018

Fifa is to look at holding the World Cup every two years, rather than four, having launched an unprecedented study into changes to the football calendar.

A proposal by Saudi Arabia for the feasibility study for the men’s and women’s World Cups won overwhelming backing among Fifa’s member nations at its annual Congress yesterday — though any such move is likely to be fiercely fought by Uefa as it would have a huge impact on its European Championship tournaments. Gianni Infantino, Fifa’s president, said there was an opportunity for changes to the international match calendar after 2024 and denied that having the tournament more often would devalue it.

“Every year in England you have 380 games by the same teams and everyone is very happy with the Premier League so I don’t think the repetitive element would be harming,” he said.

“No decisions will jeopardise what we are doing, we know the value of the World Cup. What we need to study is what kind of competitions do we want and need for the world, for Europe, for Africa, for Asia. We will put the sporting element as a priority, not the commercial element. You don’t need to be Einstein to know that if you put World Cups every two years you will double the revenues.”

Arsène Wenger, Fifa’s chief of global football development, has previously suggested a biennial World Cup. Uefa declined to comment but insiders are confident a World Cup every two years can be opposed. Infantino said: “We need to look at some of the countries outside of Europe. In Africa, out of 54 countries only five qualify for the World Cup. If you don’t qualify what are you doing for the next four years? Nothing? We will study it and see what it means in terms of the health of players, disruption or non-disruption of national leagues and international competitions.”


Infantino called Saudi Arabia’s proposal “eloquent and detailed” and 166 national federations voted in favour with 22 against. Yasser al-Misehal, the Saudi federation president, told the Congress: “It is time to review how the game is structured and to consider what is best for the future of our sport.”

Meanwhile, Infantino insisted there was no “collusion” on the part of Fifa over the Super League project, despite Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, claiming he was involved in the plans.


Nick Middleton

  • 1 DAY AGO
    You cannot expect pigs with their snouts already in the trough to do anything else except vote for a bigger trough with more swill.
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      Chris G
      Nick Middleton
      1 DAY AGO
      The only people who can bring FIFA to heel are the advertisers, they hold the purse strings.
  • M
    Mr Ali
    1 DAY AGO
    When did anyone from Saudi Arabia ever become an authority on football or the international game? Maybe when their team qualifies for a the knockout of a World Cup or any of their players achieves something fo note in the international game we might begin to take anything they say seriously. Until then, perhaps the Saudis should show some humility and take the opportunity to remain silent.
    • A
      Alan Hunter
      Mr Ali
      1 DAY AGO
      Saudi Arabians are obviously football experts - they tried to buy Newcastle United.
    • N
      Nicolas Jackson
      Mr Ali
      1 DAY AGO
      When FIFA became desperate for their money.
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Here is a bit less doom and gloom about this.

Check the dates of the articles below...this isn't the first time fortunately. ⬇️




It fizzled out before...

Also on one I can't find now, it listed sides interested in a "Breakaway League" or similar, as far back as 1999- the more some things change!!

UEFA did not like it...and history shows these things have fallen away in the past.⬇️



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It's just common in football Governance tbh. Slightly recycled ideas from the past, almost as if they learn nothing...

Super Leagues, World Cup every 2 years- the recent Sliding Scale of fines for Salary Caps in the Championship to be redistributed among compliant clubs- see Sliding Scale of fines for the old 1 year FFP and what a debacle it was when clubs went up and PL wouldn't help Football League to chase fines particularly- indeed the original plan there was to redistribute among compliant Clubs but PL objected.

Like I say, it's like new leaders in Football just forget if not everything, then plenty and learn little...

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Okay, sadly this is still going on this idea.

What happened under Sepp is that he would suggest this once in a while, people would kick back and the idea would disappear. As it should because the World Cup has a lot of good things but a biennial one would kill both the WC and be bad for football more widely.

He had many daft ideas, some German journo once said that "Blatter has 50 new ideas a day before breakfast- and 51 of them are bad!" At least though he wasn't keen on technnology in football and he was half-hearted at best with this when he mentioned it.

I thought VAR could be a great leveller, ie we all know that perhaps less here but refereeing calls and big ones can favour bigger sides but with VAR that doesn't happen- that was my reluctant view in favour yet still it goes on, I bet bigger sides still get more errors in favour than against.

This guy Infantino however...he's much cleaner and makes no absurd or outrageous statements of course, but in other ways he is worse. It won't get through of course but it should have been just discarded well before now.

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8 hours ago, mozo said:

Think it through people... you would have twice as much chance of seeing England win a world Cup in your lifetime!

No we wouldn't have twice as much chance at all. 

We've have a better chance but not twice.

For example if we have a 10% chance of winning World cup 1 and a 10% chance of winning world cup 2, we would gave an overall chance of winning one of them of 18%, a 1% chance of winning both and 81% chance of winning neither. 

Add multiple world cups in and our chances increase but by less each tournament.   

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