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Matty James - SIGNED - BCFC Twitter


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16 hours ago, Taz said:

But do you not think that the answer to the longer term problem, is maybe a shorter term one?

We have a lot of squad to fill, and personally if the answer to the immediate issue is a few older more experienced players, especially ones that our manager has worked with before, means that he can get his philosophy and ideas into the club quicker, then maybe it's something to work with.

Yes the likes of Simpson and King will have little/no resale value (if they sign), but we can't afford to go into next season playing younger players like last season who aren't quite ready yet. Along the same lines, if we buy relegated Champ and League 1/2  players, then we're going down next season.

Yes in an ideal world, we buy like Brentford, mold the players into top half players that are the envy of the league. Chances of that working in one summer is extremely unlikely.

The playing side of things is not great, and the backroom side of things is also a work in progress.

We need stability this coming year, and if that means 2 or 3 "trusted players" and 2 or 3 promising ones can get us midtable or better, then it's a good season.

We are in the middle of a huge rebuilding period. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I agree it may well be the right strategy for where we find ourselves, but there are risks associated with it.   You could still have a shite DoF that signs dross so that's no guarantee either.   

Thinking more strategically, I still think a DoF set up is the right model.  I'm comfortable they aren't rushing into appointing just anyone right now, and waiting to make the right appointment. 

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On 21/06/2021 at 18:39, Red Skin said:

That is the danger with any manager having too much influence over signings.   Until we have a DoF this is what we will to live with in the short term.  


Out of interest, why is it a bad thing for the manager to have influence over signings, and not the DoF (or CEO)? Any of those may sign old contacts - and that is not necessarily a bad thing if they trust them to be good for the squad.

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  • The title was changed to Matty James - SIGNED - BCFC Twitter

Brilliant signing. 

I said we should have gone for him on loan after we sold Brownhill. But to be fair he'd not long been back fit from a long injury.

Now having completed a season in the championship with Barnsley and Coventry, and with Nige here and Matty's contract running out, perfect timing 👍

I think we have missed that Brownhill or Korey type in having someone reliable and consistent in the middle of the park.

Joe Williams will give us that too but just needs to stay fit. I think that will be the partnership. Maybe with Massengo more advanced.

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