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Aaron Wilbraham - nice story


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11 hours ago, Shelton’s Love Gravy said:

Was he buying cress?

I saw Tony Pulis in there once (years ago). Buying cress.

Having said that, I would very much suspect that Wilbs eats much manlier foods than cress.

He probably sold it on to Waitrose and demanded a cut of the profit.  Tw4t. 

Well done Albie.  Not at all surprised to hear this.  Very genuine fella by all accounts. 

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On 30/05/2021 at 22:59, BTRFTG said:

Buying Red Bull perchance?

Always knew when he was about to come on from the subs bench, see him drinking his Red Bull, I used to say to my son “Wilbs about to come on”

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