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Euro 2021/21


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You just knew Mbappe was going to miss as soon as he stepped up. Was terrible during the game, and his body language shouted "I don't want to take this".

Well in two days, my two lucky picks for the two sweepstakes I'm in have both been booted - Portugal and France. To think, I laughed when the lady in the office picked out England - if we manage to get past the Germans it suddenly doesn't look too far fetched!!

Our best chance of winning something for years now - watch Southgate pick 2 defensive Midfielders and play Kane up top on his own......

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10 minutes ago, Red Exile said:

Brilliant! Lovely country in every other respect but I can't stand France when it comes to football.

Congratulations to all the Swiss OTIB folk out there...if there are any!

Henri Dunant, Roger Federer, Swiss Toni, your boys gave them a hell of a beating. 

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11 minutes ago, Will Rollason said:

Wow the Swiss keeper couldn't believe it...I don't think they expected it themselves..

I think what happened was Mbappe slightly gestured that he thought the keeper was off his line. The keeper held fire until he got the ok from the officials (very similar to McGregor vs Serbia). If you see the centre spot angle, the officials are holding the Swiss team back slightly until the check was complete. That’s why I think keeps didn’t go nuts immediately 

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