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New Away Kit Launched

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This is the away kit worn by Leicester City in their promotion season Screenshot_20210617-182738_Chrome.thumb.jpg.339a1d40c55d3698396639d638803685.jpg

And this is the away kit worn by Leicester City in winning the Premier league


But more importantly, what colour are the socks?

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Not bad, would've preferred not central badge/logo but understand mixing it up. Couldn't give a shit about a blue kit if its not royal blue. The likes of teal, sky blue, navy etc all fine by me

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34 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

Probably a better image. 


I do like it, but can’t help thinking it looks like two designs merged making it look to me very top half/bottom half.

 It would have been better either plain black with the turquoise/aqua trim and keeping it simple and classy, or go full hog and have the lines all over.

Not sure what Totterdown in particular has to do with the club, why single out one area in Bristol which is a few miles from AG? And yes the badge would be much nicer to the side.

But saying that it’s certainly not one of our worse away kits. Wonder if the keepers shirt is going to be a more ‘full on’ version of this?

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One thing I don't get is why they've not asked (or insisted) that the sponsor logo be monochrome as well.

A decision has clearly been made to change the badge from the red and white, to a black and white one. Presumably because it was felt that looked better. 

But there's still a great slab of red vinyl in the centre of the shirt? It seems strange that the sponsor couldn't be persuaded to allow the red square to be white, and then leave the M as negative space.

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I like it.

What I don't like is that the smallest size (currently) seems to be 5-6 years old.

It's been said before about the club missing a trick here, but why can I buy an England kit for a toddler, as well as Man Utd, Barcelona, Liverpool etc, yet no City?

How many babies born in the past 12 months?

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1 hour ago, Marco the red said:

I don't kind it apart from the lines at the bottom looks like they gave a toddler the crayons.


1 hour ago, Supersonic Robin said:

harsh way to speak about Jon Lansdown....

He Got to use the whole set though.

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