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England v. Germany Matchday Thread

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To not have made any changes is a reflection of the lack of experience and know how . Sorry but it is shouting at you . We should be murdering Germany .  They are there to be broken . But we are relying on individuals to perform miracles when the collective should be breaking them apart . We have players to be so so better than this . Rarely have we been able to say that . But now it is true . 

how on 5 games has one of the great forwards in the game had zero service . Woujd Klopp , Pep , or any of the top coaches approach this game with the players we have . 

anyway come on England 1980 s 

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8 minutes ago, chinapig said:

Would you play an alleged 3-4-3 but pick two full backs rather than the two wing backs we have in the squad though?

Trippier and Shaw have offered nothing going forward compared to the threat James and Chilwell pose.

Trippier bern fine….Shaw not expansive enough.

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2 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

Trippier bern fine….Shaw not expansive enough.

For Atleti Trippier charges forward and gets crosses in. Simeone sees him as a key attacker.

For England he jogs forward and is more likely to pass backwards than cross it. His strengths are suppressed by a cautious Coach.

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1 minute ago, Bullbag said:

Get gone Southgate, out of your depth, same as you were at Boro.

With the talent available we should be ripping this lot apart but no - Southgate hoping we scrape through by playing attritional football with 7 defensive players 

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