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Marcus Rashford.

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2 hours ago, IAmNick said:

Yeah, and that will happen with players too no doubt... just look at City this summer!

I agree he gets paid a vast amount, but I'd rather credit him for what he does do compared to others rather than use it as a stick to beat him with. He didn't choose to earn that much, he's capable of playing at the highest level and that's the going rate.

Given his diet, holidays, exercise, what he drinks, every move he makes etc. is already under intense scrutiny I'm maybe a bit more lenient on a young bloke in his early 20s. At least he's trying to make a difference right! To be honest even pro footballers are small fry compared to the super rich - the Bet365 CEO got the equivalent of almost £10m / week last year!

I’m not sure anyone is beating him with a stick, but I think it’s fair to say his performances have dropped off, maybe he got to his peak early and will not improve, maybe he’ll kick in again, who knows, but it does seem that since he has become involved in his social campaigns that his on pitch endeavours have faltered from the standards he was setting.

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2 hours ago, BCFC Richard said:

I think certain players get over scruntanised. Rashford has not played at peak all season, but most players don't - he still recorded 11 goals and 9 assists in 37 prem games - that's scoring and creating in every other game. 

Even in current form he warrants his place in my opinion. 

A lot of players have dipped in form this season, plus he's been playing with a shoulder injury the majority of the season, and is still undecided when/if he will undergo surgery. We know all about players carrying an injury, and the effect it can have on their game  He's still despite the injury considered by Gareth Southgate to be better than other players at his disposal.

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