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England vs Italy. Is it coming home?


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55 minutes ago, MJP3 said:

How I envy your extra 2 years to better understand that momentousness occasion. I've always wished to be 2 years older or decades younger.

For the last 50 years I have shared your suffering in only following City and England. For much of that time when people would ask if I followed football, I'd have to respond. "Not really, I just watch Bristol City and England."

I reflected about a quarter of a century ago that winning the World Cup was a once in a lifetime experience if you're English. I no longer feel it's a total impossibility to be wrong on that. (For non smokers unlike myself.)

Hope we both make it. (Ok, and you others.)


Maybe our life-long loyalty to both BCFC and England is to be rewarded, with NP and GS (soon to be Sir Gareth) transforming the culture and mentality of both squads and thereby creating successful, winning teams. 

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1 hour ago, Loco Rojo said:

Don't give chav ********* like that an excuse for their behaviour. Seeing grown adults behaving like that is embarrassing.  I think you're right about the COVID situation but just because the Government are completely incompetent at everything they do doesn't mean that adults have the right to do that (I know you're not saying they have the right). Idiots the lot of them.  They embarrass this country and the sport. 

Is it any wonder other countries hate us and football is always tagged in the way it is.

I am not intending to give anyone an excuse for what is completely deplorable behaviour. I am simply trying to say that I believe the massively hypocritical behaviour of the government since the early days of the pandemic has worn people down to the extent that some people have had enough and are now just doing what they want to do.I think that the people carrying on like that in London are massively selfish *********,but they have been fed on a diet of mixed messages for eighteen months or so and have had enough of it.

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