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Paul Mariner R.I.P.


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7 hours ago, stephenkibby. said:

I remember Mariner and Billy Rafferty playing up front for Argyle they were a very potent duo. round about the time Cheese and Tom were starting to put it together for us.

Boxing Day in our promotion season. 2-2 I recall. Whilst he made his name nationally after leaving Argyle he will be much missed here in Devon. 

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I loved Paul Mariner and I loved that Ipswich Town team too - I always remembered a superb header he scored vs Liverpool I think it was, and when I was playing as a youngster I always tried to replicate that heading technique - I finally scored one that was probably nowhere near the same, but I still charged off yelling ‘Mariner’ with arms aloft.

Mr Gerry Gow also told me some brill stories of his rivalry with Paul Mariner - he reckoned he had Mariner terrified in the tunnel before every game vs City and he said when we were relegated from the top level Mariner yelled at him “thank f@ck I won’t have to see you again” - but Gerry subsequently joined Man City and played vs Ipswich early in the next season ... and Mariner was terrified again!

RIP Paul - a great centre forward - rest easy fella ...

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The news showed a clip of Mariner scoring against Hungary in 81 to secure World Cup qualification. I remembered suddenly that that was my first England game and I felt old  and nostalgic and embarrassed that I’d not remembered that it was Mariner who scored, though I can everything else about that evening. He was 28 then and 68 when he died. I was 16 then and 56 now. Blimey it goes quickly. Thanks Paul and rest in peace. For the younger posters, try and enjoy it- put your foot on the ball and look up occasionally, or it just whizzes by.

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